15 Overlooked Beautiful Travel Destinations to Consider

Tax season is approaching…are you already planning what you will be doing with your return? Before you plan your next vacation, make sure you know the best kept destinations. These gorgeous destinations truly have something for everyone.

1. Bavaria, Germany


Bavaria is home of the real life Cinderella castle (Neuschwanstein). This is the travel destination for any
architect lover with more than 100,000 architectural monuments.
There are plenty of museums and even opera theaters to keep you entertained through your entire visit. Bavaria takes pride in their history and entertaining their tourist.

2. Playa Grande, Costa Rica


Costa Rica is known for the breath taking beaches and Playa Grande happens to be a surfers dream. It has been voted the best surfing destination.
Aside from the waves you’ll get to see visiting Playa Grande, you may always catch a glimpse of some leatherback sea turtles. This is the place to vacation throughout winter and spring as this is when those beloved turtles come to shore.

3. Newfoundland, Canada

cabot tower_newfoundland_Canada

Newfoundland is a destination for anyone with an appreciation for history with over 10 historic sites to see in the St. Johns region.
St. Johns happens to be one of the oldest cities in North America. Can you imagine the history in this city?

4. Vézac, France

Gardens of Marqueyssac_Vézac_France

Over 300 years ago the greenery began and the gardens remain to this very day. Gardens of Marqueyssac is located in this small town, you can come to find the “bubbly” trimmed landscapes.
It almost feels like you are exploring the gardens in wonderland. The garden is kept up regularly with the same designs.

5. Krakow, Poland


Krakow is, without a doubt, filled with culture. The city is ancient, enriched with everlasting marks of life.
You will have the chance to see DaVinci’s artwork, explore museums, or even hit up a historic pub. There is a number of art galleries in Krakow featuring both new and renowned artists.

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This vibrant city has preserved history and built itself around Roman city ruins, the city’s famous medieval castle, and many more historic building.
The art culture thrives in Ljubljana. This Slovenian town is far from the dark culture you may think of.

7. Ouray, Colorado, USA


Ouray is known as America’s Switzerland and it is the start of the official Million Dollar Highway. Though this town is small is nestled in the San Juan Mountains, it has tons to offer for an outdoor enthusiast.
From hot springs to jeep tours, rock climbing, and more. The Million Dollar Highway stretches to Telluride where you can hike up the famous Bridal Veil Falls.

8. Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii, Italy

The tragic event that struck this town preserved its history from Roman baths to bakeries. Travelers can explore Pompeii and gain the ancient Roman experience.
Naples is close to Pompeii with modern travel attractions. The ocean views from Naples are vibrant, any beach fan will want to visit.

9. Patagonia, Chile


Visit to soak up the landscape with a number of outdoor activities like horseback riding or cycling. You can even float through the breath taking marble caverns on the Carrera Lake nearby.

10. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye_Scotland_waterfall

Hike to the fairy pools in Cullins Hills or experience a boat trip! Isle of Skye has become a popular destination recently and it is clear why.
This town is not only proud of the landscape but of their Sconser Scallops found in many of the local fine dining restaurants. Be prepared to taste Scotland’s cuisine when you visit.

11. Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Where you can visit Buddha! The Tian Tan Buddha is the world’s largest Buddha statue. The island is filled with Buddhist architecture.
However, this island is also home to Hong Kong’s Disneyland. So, if you decide to take the family then everyone will have an activity.

12. Bath, England


Bath has ancient Roman Baths that are still in use (not all). The baths are heated with geothermic water and the minerals are believed to be healing.
This is a ritzy destination filled with amazing ancient architecture. There are many boutiques and spas, if you are planning to take a trip to Bath than prepare to be pampered.

13. Maldives


Maldives is on the Indian Ocean and its islands some rare gems. You can explore underwater destinations like Wreck of the Maldives Victory ruins.
You can also visit the glowing Vaadhoo beach. Plankton causes the shoreline to glow. Maldives is a place to go and take in the different islands. It is great for love birds as well as families, there are many different activities.

14. Granada, Spain


Granada is located within the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will be surrounded by waterfalls and some historic architecture.
Granada hold traditional values from the culture but that is not to say this destination is boring. In fact, is far from it with the thriving nightlife.

15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


As animated as it gets! Rio is home to the towering Christ the Redeemer statue. There are beaches and mountains intertwined creating the breath taking views.
The culture in Rio is lively! Here is where the Carnival Festival is celebrated. This isn’t a party you want to miss.